I work with individuals who prefer the utmost discretion when it comes to their mental health.


How is this counseling private?

  • We talk over Wire, a secure and encrypted platform similar to Skype.

  • My email client is secure and encrypted so your emails are safe. Unlike Gmail, my Swiss-based email program is so secure even they don’t have access to our communication.

  • Everything spoken about and your identity is kept confidential.

  • Because we don’t video chat, your physical appearance is kept private.

  • You can tell me as much or as little personal information as you’d like. I don’t collect any information from you (like address) beyond your name, phone number and email address. I take my clients’ privacy very seriously as I hold my practice to the highest standards.

My clients come from all walks of life.


  • a high profile executive who doesn’t want anyone in the community to know you’re seeking help?

  • a frequent traveler who can’t commit to a weekly appointment?

  • a celebrity looking for support on your schedule?

  • located in a remote or rural area?

  • a parent who wants to speak while the kids are in school?

  • a student who can’t talk to your friends or family about what’s really bothering you?

  • unable to physically travel to an office?

  • someone else? 


let’s talk.